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A Great Foundation With Womens Shapewear

How would you like to vamp up you day discretely, and get the energy boost that only feeling sexy can bring you? Shapewear can deliver that feeling. You can feel confident and sexy all day long when you know that your body is looking the best it possibly can. Get a great foundation and improve your look with womens sexy shapewear.

Now we can get beautiful body shaping definition without foregoing comfort. Shapewear also comes in a variety of different controls; light, medium, and maximum. Before you run out and buy a bunch of shapewear make sure to ask yourself what areas you would like to improve on most.

Body Shapers: Body shapers can come in a couple of different styles. The primary ones you will see is the full slip or the full bodysuit. One of the most surprising new developments in shapewear is the full slip, which is very effective in giving a beautiful over all shape to your figure, while also being very provocative. The full bodysuit is what you may think of as a traditional body shaper. This is designed to be worn all day, everyday from top to bottom. The benefits of shapewear go much deeper than just making you look spectacular. The body shaping will help to sculpt out your figure so your clothes hang properly on your frame, which means you will look fabulous.

Corset Shapewear: Generally corset shapewear is more sexy and is work for special occasions. Most likely you will see corset shapers at bridal lingerie stores. Typically, corset shapewear is seen under gowns or formal wear. Remember that you will need "help" when wearing corset shapwear. Most corsets have lace up backs and you'll need someone to lace you up. When you wear a corset you have a much fuller bosom with enhanced cleavage, and you get back support and tummy control.

Panty Shapers: Panty shapers are just what they sound like. They are a firm fitted panty to keep your toosh looking the best it can. A panty shaper can separate and lift the buttocks while flattening the tummy. Shapewear gives you that confidence that is so imperative to compete in our look conscious society.

Our clothes define us, they tell the world who we are. Wearing the right under garments can help to eliminate bra lines and panty lines. Shapewear enhances what you already have, and helps you to look and feel beautiful all day long.


Sexy Tankinis For 2011

Most women love to go to the beach or swimming in the summer, but every spring there is the dreaded trek to the mall to buy a swimsuit. A one-piece can feel matronly and the stream-lined silhouette can sometimes emphasize the flaws that you are trying to hide. As for a skimpy bikini, many women prefer to avoid them, whether it is because they feel that they are immodest or leave nothing to the imagination. Perhaps your swimsuit solution may be sexy tankinis.

The tankini is a trendy new solution to the eternal swimsuit dilemma. It comes in two pieces, like a bikini, so it doesn't feel like a swim-racer's speedo, but like a one-piece, it offers some cover and modesty. Even better, the top half can be draped differently than a one piece bathing suit, making the tankini less clingy and more sophisticated. From tank styles to racerback and even underwire tops, there is an answer for everyone.

What kind of tankini is right for you? A tween can look sweet and be comfortable in a halter tankini, which looks like a one piece but is fun like a two piece. Even better, a tankini minimizes exposed skin, lessening the risk of a sunburn on the back and stomach, so think of the time you'll save applying sun screen in the car. For women, tankinis can be a sexy option which offers more support for a busty lady than a traditional bikini. Mix and match the tops and bottoms to change up your wardrobe.

Tankinis are great for beach or swimming vacations, because you can purchase several different tops and bottoms and wear them all together. Try mixing and matching blue tops with black bottoms for example. A modest but fun bathing suit is just the thing for the eleven or twelve year old. For her sixteen year old sister, a halter top takini can be sophisticated and youthful without making her feel naked. For mom, a tankini is a sexier way to cover up her problem areas.

Womens Tankinis look great on all ages of women. They are cute and fun on tweens. They look sexy and are supportive for younger women where bikinis and one pieces are not. They help older women feel more confident about their bodies on the beach and at the pool.


Triangle Bikinis Are The HOTTEST Tiny Bikinis!

There are many styles of swimwear that women can choose from that flatter a variety of figures. The sexy string bikini excludes a lot of figures because of it's, well... Skimpiness! If you're looking to strip down to next to nothing than triangle swimwear is the answer to your wishes! There are so many different styles to choose from, but they all have something in common: Sex appeal. Which style of triangle swimwear will you choose from?

Triangle swimwear is defined "triangle" because of the triangle shaped cups in addition to the triangle shape the straps make when on. Triangle swimwear is fun and it’s all about you. What makes you different from everyone else? That’s where to start. First, what kind of triangle swimwear top are you looking for? Look closely at the swimsuits that caught your eye in terms of you wearing them. Once you’ve made your dream list of swimsuits and you’ve further considered the bikini tops that are best for you, remember to look at perfect bikini bottoms too.

The great part about triangle swimwear is it doesn't matter if you are busty or not. Triangle tops are designed to cover less so if you have a larger bust you will get the sexiest look of all. If you have a smaller bust the triangle will cover more of your chest, but many triangles can be scrunched down on the string for a better fit. Don’t forget the bottoms! The bottom of a skimpy bikini can vary. You can choose from styles like hipster, bikini, boyshort or even a thong bottom.

There are many unique styles of triangle swimwear that you may not be aware of. In addition to the style of swimwear you choose, you should also take these into consideration. More and more designers are taking final touches into consideration. These touches include glamorous accents like rhinestones, beads and jewels. These will help you shimmer in the sun even more!

Although you may like wearing next to nothing at the beach, you probably don't want to wear next to nothing while headed TO the beach. Fortunately, swim cover-ups are much more trendy than what our grandmas wear! If you're not a fan of dresses, go with a classic tie skirt. These are generally more flowy and have fabulous prints like animal, tropical and more.

So grab a bottle of sunscreen and head to the beach to party, play and get wet!


What's New In Fetish Footwear? Hot Fetish Shoes

Sexy shoes come in many forms. One of the most popular genre is fetish shoes. When you think of fetish, you may think of something dark and mysterious. Sure, there are many bondage and dominatrix style shoes, but there are also hundreds of other styles that will fix just about everyone's cravings. Most importantly, this style of shoes, sandals or boots are not only for the fetish realm. They are perfect for fashion shoes, night clubs and dance clubs. Fetish shoes are must-have shoes!

Designers make sure that no one is left out. Sizes for these provocative trend setters range from a ladies 7 to 14 with smaller and larger sizes available depending on the specific style. With such a wide spectrum of designs, pretty much anyone can find a pair of these shoes that will fit in with their style and comfort level. Although the dominate color of fetish shoes is black, you can purchase these styles in array of colors including metallic, clear and rhinestone. Ballet shoes have been worn by Beyonce in one of her newer music videos. Rhianna has been caught in 7 inch and 8 inch platform shoes and sandals. Lady Gaga is known for her crazy trends. She's been spotted on the red carpet in a variety of unique fetish shoes.

There are many different styles of fetish shoes to choose from, so let’s start with some of the more commonly known ones. Platform shoes have been in and out of basic fashion for decades, and needless to say, when it comes to the night time, platforms are always in. With heels so high that the bottom of the shoe itself has to be raised on a ‘platform’ these shoes make a lady’s legs look draw droopingly wonderful! Also, add a long thin stiletto heel to the shoe, sounds extreme right? But it doesn’t stop there. This daring shoe has you walking on your toes, literally. The design of the shoe is set so that the wearer of the shoe appears as if they are walking on the tips of their toes at all times.

These Fetish shoes are definitely for anyone who is looking to catch some serious alluring attention! But, for those hard rocker females out there, there’s always the metal stiletto.

If you want to catch every set of eyes in the club, thigh high boots are the way to go! So ladies, weather you want to be the highlight of the party or you just want to show your man your crazy side, fetish shoes are the best alternative to spice things up!


Sexy Juniors Swimwear

Swimwear comes in so many colors, patterns and styles, with new options out every season! Luckily, all these choices really can be fun, and you can look your best by following a few tips catered to your unique build. While shopping keep in mind what you want to accentuate and what you would prefer to hide a little. From there, you'll have a foundation for your swimsuit search. So, which juniors swimwear is perfect for you?

If you have one of those builds called an “apple shape,” finding the right suit might feel like the bane of your existence, but it doesn’t have to. Pick an empire waist or V-neck suit – they both draw the eye up and lengthen your torso. Swimwear, for your type, should be a little more on the feminine side. Try to find swimwear with sequins or any kind of adornment. It will prevent you from looking more "boxy" than you already are.

If you have a “pear shaped build,” with a much narrower waist than hips Fight the temptation to go with more coverage if you have this body type; you may feel more secure with a less-revealing suit. You’re better off going with a higher cut, which will flatter your waist and lengthen your legs. To lengthlen your legs you can also do little things to help like wearing platform flip flops or platform sandals.

For you girls who’ve been told you have a “boy build,” you’re used to looking great in whatever you throw on, but swimwear might be a whole different kettle of fish. You’ve got the build to show off some skin, so go for it. There’s nothing wrong with trying a little padding in your top, if you’re worried about looking too squared-off. If string bikinis are too boring for you try a monokini. It still reveals a lot of skin but also are more decorative and feminine.

There are plenty of easy guidelines for other body types, too. For girls who are busty, make sure you get enough support, with a full coverage halter-style bra top that won’t make you feel you’re “busting out.”

No matter what your body type, there is plenty of juniors swimwear available that will help you look your unique out there on the beach or by the pool, so you can be ready for whatever the hot summer throws your way.